sábado, 16 de outubro de 2010

Who I am!

Yesterday I decided to think about who I really am. Who am I? I think that what can describe you better are the things that you like, well, not only the things, what you like.
What do I like?
Big list of answers!
I like beautiful stuff, flowers, sites, people, sayings, cases. I like dancing, singing, showing off (why not?). I like my life, my friends, true people. I love forró much more than samba, even being black, because after one hour of samba I get really annoyed. After two hours of forró I still want more!
I love make up and how it transforms me into other people. I love when my life changes and goes somewhere else by itself. I like to change my mind about anything whenever I want. I like to go to Lapa more than to fancy restaurants but sometimes I can really be a "fancy pants"(with my money...why not again?)
I like children, gardens, trips, and good food. I would go anywhere with the person I love. I love talking about myself and experiencing life through my very own perception. I like disappointing people sometimes, for them to see that what it is may be what it isn't at anytime. I love different colors of nail polishers to match with clothes, accessories or even states of mind.
I love to organize my things and see that they are still there where I put after sometime. I like smells and loved discovering that the perfume I got from a student bought at a Brazilian drugstore is a lot better than many others that I saw in Europe, right now, I smell like a little girl and I found out that being a little girl can sometimes be much better than being the strong wise woman.
I love feminist issues. I love the stage and being a sieve for feelings as an actress. I love the way I can see people how they really are and respect them the way they are. I love books after a shower in my bed with catchy stories. But above this all, I love being who I am, the way I can be, after all.

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