domingo, 6 de março de 2011

A Mesa Brasil - Restaurante brasileiro em Malmö - Brazilian Restaurant in Malmö

I am really sorry for the people who can't read English and follow the blog, but what I really wanted to do was to upload some propaganda for this cute restaurant on the web, and write something to my friends that can only speak English. Moreover, propaganda in English is always broader propaganda, and if I can do it...why not? I do not really know the owners, but I felt that they deserved some attention.
Well...I just felt homesick yesterday and decided to go to a Brazilian Restaurant in Malmö. The restaurant is called "A mesa Brasil", and it is just delicious! Not only the food is great but also the service and the environment. The place is very well decorated. They chose the right colors for the walls, the right paintings and proper furniture. Sweden an Brazil have an interesting mix there.
As soon as my boyfriend and I arrived, the owner (who seems to be always there) came, lit a candle and offered us the best place he had for couples. I could recognize they were playing "Meu esquema", a song from "Mundo Livre S.A." that I consider amazing! Many other great tracks followed...and I can surely say that this restaurant was one of the most romantic places I have been to in Malmö.
They have good starters like coxinha  de galinha, pastéis and bolinhos de queijo. The main dishes go from moqueca de peixe to feijoada, and the prices from 95 to 165 swedish crowns, not the cheapest in Malmö, but it does not look like a chep restaurant either. The price is good!
We chose feijoada, a mix of starters and to drink, Guaraná Antártica (if you have never drunk Guaraná Antártica, just do it! Do not accept immitation, such as Kwat, or something like it...the brand is ANTÁRTICA!). Here in Malmö this delicious can of soda costs 5 reais, or 20 krona, in Copenhagen, 7 reais, in Brazil, 2 reais, which means, if you are in Brazil, DRINK IT!
Well, the feijoada was great, with farofa, fried banana, and pepper. We loved the starters as well, and if you are a couple it is possible to share only one dish of feijoada, because it is pretty filling.
The restaurant itself belongs to a couple, it seems so, at least, I do not really know. However, they look cute together, and I am going to post a picture here:

If you want to know more, just visit the website



6 comentários:

  1. I really have to go there!


  2. quero conhecer este restaurante!!!que bom...vou encontrar um restaurante brasileiro em Malmõ...comida brasileira...que maravilha...

  3. Vá sim, não irá se arrepender...adorei o lugar mesmo!

  4. Lisa...

    I think it's going to be great! Then you tell me about the vegetarian dish!

  5. Obrigada Marilia!!
    Ficamos felizes em saber que gostou do restaurante. Esse é nosso objetivo principal, servir bem e trazer o "gostinho" do Brasil para a Suecia.
    Voltem Sempre!!!!


  6. Por nada Suzana, gostei mesmo de comer aquela feijoada tão gostosa que não comia a tanto tempo!
    Volto para Malmö em breve e para o restaurante também!